Crowd of Affordable Housing Supporters Rally at City Hall in June 2018
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Austin is in a Housing Crisis.

On November 6th, vote for an Austin everyone can afford.

Vote Yay for Prop A Affordable Housing Bond

Our neighbors are struggling to create stability simply because they cannot afford a place to call home. These are the most vulnerable members of our community — Grandmothers whose homes are unsafe; young girls who have nowhere to go after school; hard-working families who are struggling to take care of their kids.

We need to invest in housing now so we can preserve our values of inclusion and community by keeping people of all incomes in Austin.

By Voting Yay for Prop A this November, we can bring our neighbor's stability. We can create an Austin everyone can afford.

About Us

Keep Austin Affordable is a coalition of local nonprofits and community leaders who believe addressing the housing crisis is a high priority for the City and requires investment in programs that help people stay in their homes or find affordable housing options all over the City.

Our Coalition

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